Fire Fighting System In Manesar

Fire Safety Services In Manesar

Our Company Sea Max Fire Engineering Works is the leading fire safety contractor in Manesar and IMT Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana that provides fire safety services such as installation and designing of fire fighting system, fire extinguishers, Fire cylinder refilling, fire door, fire alarm system, fire suppression system, fire hydrant, hoses reel system and fire sprinkler system.

We Provide Consultancy for new or existing fire fighting systems in which our fire safety engineers guide your’s requirements and help to get the fire noc certificate for compliance in Manesar and imt Manesar.

The fire protection system has various fire safety equipment which protects an active fire fighting system that suppresses fire from the fire suppression system.

In the fire suppression system, we provide a Co2 Flooding system, a foam flooding system, a fire monitoring system, a water mist system, an automatic bursting tube system and a clean agent suppression system.

Fire Fighting System Installation

The Installation of a fire fighting system consists of complete fitting of the complete pipeline fitting, fire fighting pump, wet riser system, portable fire pump, Fire Pump Controller, Fire Monitor System, Fire Hydrant, Fire Sprinkler, fire detector and fire control unit.

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works provides Fire Fighting System AMC Service in Manesar and IMT Manesar, We provide comprehensive and non-comprehensive fire AMC for fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, fire suppression system and for fire extinguishers. We are a Fire Fighting Consultant that provides complete maintenance of fire protection system.

server fire suppression system in manesar haryana

Fire Suppression System

The Fire suppression system is designed for servers, panels, data centers, and electrical rooms. For independent servers, we provide a fire suppression tube system. A fire suppression system consists of a pressurized suppressing agent bank that activates automatically at the time of the fire.

installation of fire sprinkler system in manesar

Fire Sprinkler System

In fire sprinkler system is the first fire protection system that is necessary to install in all kinds of industries, The Fire sprinkler system is a part of a fire system that works automatically, all fire sprinklers are interconnected with a single source of water supply to extinguish the fire.

fire alarm system in manesar

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System works on a fire detection system that has multiple detection devices and units which can sense fire, heat, and smoke also. A fire alarm system has perform a basic function to detect fire and indicates addressable and conventional fire alarm system.

fire extinguisher in manesar

Fire Extinguisher

A Fire Extinguisher is a single portable manually operated fire fighting equipment that is used for fire demolition. We provide Ball Based, ABC Based, Co2 Gas Based, Mechanical Foam, Clean Agent, Dry Chemical, Modular Type, Automatic Fire extinguishers. We also provide refilling of existing fire extinguishers.

fire door in manesar gurgaon

Fire Door

We have a Manufacturing Unit of Fire doors in Manesar, providing customized size fire doors. Our fire doors are available with different standards which are glazed, steel, wooden, acoustic, glass and metal fire door. The fire doors are installed to stop the fire.

fire hydrant hose reel system in manesar

Fire Hydrant Hose System

In a fire pipeline system, there are 2 types of units are used which are fire hydrants and fire hose reels which are placed at regular distance intervals to reach the corner of the unit to control fire.

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Fire Fighting Equipments

We are a Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Retailer and Supplier of all kind fire fighting equipments such as Fire Retardant Coverall, Fire Retardant Chemical, Fire Safety Pipeline, Fire Extinguisher Accessories, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Fire Hydrant System Spares, Mobile Foam Unit, Fire Alarm System Accessories, Escape Chute, Foam Inductor, Fire Beater, Fire Fighting Vehicles, Fire Retardants, Fire Telephone System, Trolley Mounted Monitor, Portable Ground Monitor, Trolley Mounted Foam & Water Monitors, Fire Water Monitor, Monitor Nozzles, Stand Post Hydrants, Standpipes, Safety Blanket, Safety Kit, Emergency Light, Fire Hose, Fire Detectors, Analog Pressure Gauge, Alarm Hooter, Two Way Fire Hydrant Valve, Manual Call Point, Fire Door, Short Branch Pipe Nozzle and much more fire fighting equipment in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana.