Fire sprinkler system in Gurugram

The automatics Fire sprinkler system is especially designed according fire risk for each building to save lives. Fire Sprinkler system is still the most effective way to extinguish fire at early stage through sprinkler heads. Sprinkler head are unique which discharge water which is connected through pipe line which alloy waters to flow, sprinkler heads are available in different operating temperature which is determined according to their color. There are mainly of 2 types of sprinkler which  are side wall sprinkler system and pendant sprinkler which is installed according to their fire needs. Quick response sprinkler are variable types which  are installed in hospital, school and building which are designing according fire safety rule across the world. These Fire sprinkler system system are so effective because they attack seat of fire before they are more dangerous. We Provide in quality service of installation of fire sprinkler system in gurugram

installation of fire sprinkler system gurugram

Installation and Operation Fire sprinkler system

In Fire sprinkler system there are lots of components which are wet riser system, dry riser system, fire pump, jockey pump, compressor, water storage tanks and many more. Fire pump is use according to the type of fire fighting system is used and the fire pump is controlled by fire pump controller. At the time of fire the automatic fire sprinkler system starts working automatically in which fire sprinkler break down at particular temperature and fire pump starts automatically through controller and raises the alarm. Pipe line of fire sprinkler system consists water and air pressure which helps to maintain water pressure fore fire suppression system.

Fire sprinkler system