Fire protection system

We offer a wide range of Fire Safety Products in the market. Our range of products includes Fire Extinguishers, Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher, Automatic-Modular Fire Extinguisher, Fire Modular, Fire Suppression System, HFC-227 Fire Suppression System, Fire Fighting System, Fire Alarm System, and Fire Safety Signage. The products are highly effective in fighting the occurrence of fire accidents and fire hazards. 

Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguisher - SEA MAX FIRE ENGINEERING WORKS

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers A potential fire can often be controlled before it really takes hold, if the right fire equipment is close at hand. “Sea Max Fire Engineering Works” offers a range of Manual & Automatic Fire Extinguishers which include ABC Fire Extinguisher, CO2 Fire Extinguisher, Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguisher, Water CO2 Fire Extinguisher, and Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher. These portable fire extinguishers and wheeled trolley mounted fire extinguishers are suit all types and classes of fires. read more.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers We offer Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers are also known as HFC Blend A. It is a blend of Hydro Fluoro carbon & organic detossificant essence FE36. Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers store liquids which turn to gas in contact with fires and fight against fires by cooling and smothering it. These Clean Agent Extinguishers are effective on Class A, B, and C fires without making thermal shock to delicate electronic equipment. read more.
Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher - SEA MAX FIRE ENGINEERING WORKS
Automatic Fire Extinguisher - SEA MAX FIRE ENGINEERING WORKS

Automatic Fire Extinguishers

Automatic Fire Extinguishers Automatic Fire Extinguisher do not require external support to operate. With portable size, easy installation and easy relocation services, the Automatic Fire Extinguisher can be utilized for local applications or total flooding of hazards. The equipment works on sprinkler technology which is again accompanied with air tight nozzles. These extinguishers are most ideal for protection of computer area, ATM Centre, server room, read more. 

Fire Escape Plan

Fire Modulars Danger can occur anytime and to protect human life from such unpredicted dangers, we have constructed fire escape plans. This plan helps in saving human lives from instant dangers and accidental events by enabling them with emergency fire exit facility. We execute this plan while keeping all the safety factors in mind, read more. 
CO2 Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression System To protect a large area from the damage of intense fires, we offer advanced Fire Suppression System (gas/chemical based). These Fire Suppression Systems are very powerful over the dangerous and intense fires and handle the effect without using much water. With these Fire Suppression Systems, we can prevent fires while minimizing the use of water. read more.. 

HFC-227 Fire Suppression System

HFC-227 Fire Suppression Systems use HFC-227 which is well known for their high fire suppression property. HFC-227 is chemically known as Heptafluoropropane, which is a fire suppression agent. HFC-227 is a replacement agent for the ozone depleting Halon 1301. This fire extinguishing agent is non-residue chemical which can be exposed to normal extinguishing concentrations without involving any risk of health. read more. 

HFC-227 Fire Suppression System
Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting System

HFC-227 Fire Suppression Systems To protect the multistoried buildings and large area premises we need powerful Fire Fighting Systems which can handle more dangerous and intense fires. In these equipments both sprinkler systems as well as flooding systems are included which create complete fire fighting arrangement against intense fires. read more.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems We deal in manufacturing and supplying of high quality Fire Alarm Systems which alerts you after detecting the fire. The fire fighting systems are used in various application areas like Aircraft Hangars and Loading Racks. We also offer thermal detectors or quick-response flame detectors to be installed which provide the input to the electronic control panel. read more.
Fire Detection And Alarm Systems
Fire Safety Signage

Fire Safety Signage

Fire Safety Signage To keep human life protected from dangers and accidental effects of fire, we manufacture, export and supply a series of Fire Safety Signage including Glow & Non-Glow signages. These Fire Safety Signages are made of superior quality raw materials and are placed in various thermal plants, public places as well as commercial places. These are very effective in giving directions about the danger zones. read more.. 

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment To prevent the negative consequences from intense fires, we offer a wide range of Fire Fighting Equipment and fire fighting solutions. Including most used fire extinguishers; we have automatic fire fighting systems like hydrant valve, nozzles, hose coupling and more. These equipments completely reduce the intensity of fires and save from the adverse effects. We offer the Fire Fighting Equipments at cost competitive price which are installed as per the guidelines of local fire authorities. read more. 
Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Safety Security

Fire Safety Security

Fire Safety Security We are one of the reputed Manufactures and Suppliers of Fire Safety Security. The Fire Safety Security that we offer are approved by the authorities and are very effective in fighting fire hazards. They are durable and easy to use. read more.

Emergency Light

Emergency Light We provide a one stop solution to the problem of power supply failure in household premises and commercial buildings. These are battery operating Emergency Light which enlighten through burning one or more incandescent bulbs or one or more clusters of high-intensity light emitting diodes. The range of Emergency Lights which we offer has excellent battery backup with self –luminous signs. read more. 
Industrial Emergency Led Exit Light