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Automatic Fire Extinguishers ideal for protection of the ATM room, server room, flammable liquid storage, transformers, marine engines, many places.The automatic fire extinguishers are suitable for preventing fires where human intervention is less. The fire is detect at an early stage. The storage room, warehousing unit and server room of an organization needs these fire modular devices to be installed. When an event of fire occurs, the fire modular activates automatically, spraying the extinguishant with maximum force. Ensuring that the fire is under control rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, these are available in ABC Powder, Foam, CO2 and clean agent variants and are effective in all classes fire.

Modular Fire Extinguisher

We bring forth Fire Modular that is use for preventing fires in isolated areas. Where human intervention is less and the fires should be detected at the early stage. The storage room, warehousing unit and server room of an organization needs these fire modular devices to be installed. The Fire Modular is operated on a pre-set temperature basis. Thus, the heat from an uncontrolled fire increases to a pre-set temperature of the unit, the fusible link activates automatically. Spraying the extinguishant with maximum force, ensuring that the fire is under control effectively and on time before being critical.

Types Of Automatic Modular Fire Extinguisher

We have trained Engineers and Experts for the Automatic Fire Suppression System. We Design, Supply, Install and Testing of Automatic Fire Suppression System’s best quality & affordable price.

Each sort of fire fighting equipment is design as to handle a selected function. Normally, we’re require to not less than have a fire blanket or a smoke alarm put in inside our properties. These measures may be thought-about sensible and environment friendly, given the circumstances concerned. However, fire security turns into a problem if conditions given are both unfamiliar or new. For occasion, what sort of fire fighting equipment is right for small areas and rooms? What in case your office is commonly subject to heat and rising temperature?

There are conditions characterized as excessive that ordinary fire blankets and fire hoses can be of no use. There are additionally locations the place human supervision will not be at all times wanted like equipment areas and swap rooms. No one can ever inform {that a} fire is meant to happen that’s the reason you want to be ready given these conditions.

An automatic fire extinguisher is right fire fighting equipment. For areas the place a set or plumbed fire system proves ineffective, this type of extinguisher offers one of the best reply. From swap rooms to boat engine compartments, this machine is probably the most sensible and efficient alternative obtainable available in the market. This extinguisher comparatively is available in two important sorts. We have the FE36 and the powder extinguisher. The FE36 is a kind of extinguisher, which is comprised primarily of gasoline. It can also be recognized for smothering fires leaving no residue of any sort. Unlike the unlawful gasoline Halon, the FE36 has no dangerous results on the ozone layer and works by displacing the oxygen, due to this fact depriving fires of its important gasoline. It can also be advisable to totally ventilate any fire web site handled with FE36.

The powder sort, then again, offers customers with inexpensive alternate options. The equipment can also be recognized for successfully placing out fires in broad ranges as in comparison with FE36. It can also be thought-about sensible and cost-efficient. The equipment can also be obtainable in numerous sizes and weights, starting from one kilogram to 10 kilograms per cylinder. The equipment additionally presents house house owners and small companies with good replacements when it comes to fire fighting equipment.

Automatic fire extinguishers in a manner, is akin to smoke alarms and detectors. The fixed change in room temperature is a figuring out think about figuring out supposed fire conditions. The extinguisher’s heat-sensitive bulb acts like a sensor of type, clearly reacting in rising temperatures. Any irregular change or setting triggers the bulb, inflicting it to finally break. It will then robotically launch the gases for extinguishment.

In addition, these kind of fire fighting equipment are additionally ultimate, for anybody who’s having a tough time managing odd extinguishers. The traditional levers are changed with fitted bulbs, due to this fact making it simpler to function. In truth, this extinguisher offers folks with hassle-free choices instead of conventional and standard equipment. Truly, nothing is extra acceptable than having your personal model of self-operating fire fighting equipment. Think not of faulty units and false alarms with extinguishers as fire security units. For these whose worries usually contain unsupervised premises and extraordinary workplaces, any such extinguisher successfully meets your wants. So, dwell as much as your expectations and contemplate this machine as a part of your must-have listing.

Looking for fire fighting units in your workplace will not be really that arduous. All you must do is go surfing, search for a seller, go to their web site or retailer and you might be carried out. You can select away. But if that complete course of is that straightforward, you would need to marvel why some folks discover the necessity to seek the advice of some authorities and see some outlets earlier than they really resolve on shopping for.

No, they don’t seem to be simply on the lookout for a cut price as a result of worth must be the least of their considerations when shopping for extinguishers for instance. Apart from the worth, they must examine which sort of extinguisher is ideal for his or her industries. After that, they must decide what number of items their workplace really wants. And if that’s not sufficient, the extent of sophistication and kind of activation additionally must be thought-about.

Speaking of forms of activation, do you know that aside from the widespread extinguishers which might be manually activated, there are these that may be robotically triggered as effectively? Yes, any such extinguisher doesn’t have to attend for a fire alarm earlier than it will get set off, most of them get activated once they detect temperature above or equal to 79 levels Centigrade. This signifies that it doesn’t want an precise fire or smoke to get them going. As lengthy as they really feel overheating round them, then they may do no matter it’s that they should do.

The sincere reply to the query above is, it depends upon what you want. For instance, in the event you work in a daily small workplace the place the equipment will get rested sufficient and the place flammable gadgets are usually not scattered round, then you possibly can go for the handbook selection. However, in the event you do your commerce in a manufacturing facility with giant equipment liable to overheating and uncovered to flammable liquids identical to gasoline or oil, then the automated extinguishers shall be your greatest wager as a result of they’re made to function in these kind of atmosphere. Apart from manufacturing facility settings, they’re additionally most well-liked in enclosed and unmanned areas the place instantaneous extinguishing is critical.

In addition, the automated selection is completely different within the sense that they don’t seem to be made to be encased in fire extinguisher cupboards. Instead, they’re ideally freely mounted on partitions close to equipment liable to overheating and they’re robotically charged, making them prepared to make use of every time you want them.

Those extra options make them appear a greater funding. Just observe although that due to their extra options and dependability, they are usually priced extra they usually require extra upkeep in comparison with their handbook counterparts.

Sea Max Fire is knowledgeable fire security professional and advisor for business companies to assist promote fire security and consciousness within the space.


Clean Agent Automatic Modular Fire Extinguisher

Clean Agent automatic fire extinguisher is ideal for server room. Sea Max Fire Engineering Works automatic fire extinguisher is ideal automatic fire extinguisher. We are the manufacturer of  Clean Agent automatic fire extinguisher which is especially designed for electrical fire.

ABC Powder Type Automatic Modular Fire Extinguisher

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