Fire safety security equipment


SEA MAX FIRE ENGINEERING WORKS deals with all type of fire safety security equipment such as Fire AlarmSmoke Detector, Fire Door, Fire Pump, Fire Hose Reel, Fire Hydrant, Fire Sprinkler, Emergency Lighting & Signs. Which are use to prevent from fire disaster. These are major fire fighting equipment which play an important role against fire disaster.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm is use in the fire alarm system. The Fire Alarm give us an emergency response of fire through the sound system. There are different types of fire alarm and system which are use according to their work.

Types Of Fire Alarm

There are various type of Fire Alarm. We are the leading manufacturer of all type of fire alarm. Fire alarm of various type such as Fire Detection Systems, Fire Detectors, Conventional Fire Alarm, Fire Siren​, Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel​, Hybrid Fire Alarm System, Manual Pull Stations​, Fire Bus Alarm​, Sprinkler Alarm, Microprocessor Fire Alarm System​.

Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection system part of fire alarm. which is use for the fire detection system.

Fire Detectors

The Fire alarm give output response through the fire detector which is use in fire alarm system.

Conventional Fire Alarm

Conventional fire alarm is use when the fire take place. The all fire alarm are activates.

Fire Siren

The fire siren is use for the loud voice it is a type of siren which is used in fire alarm.

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Addressable fire alarm control panel shows the particular point of fire in the premises.

Hybrid Fire Alarm System

Hybrid fire alarm system in which multiple fire indicator are used at a particular time.

Manual Pull Stations

Manual pull stations is operated by manual function There is no internal function is require.

Fire Bus Alarm

Fire Bus Alarm is single point fire alarm system which is battery operated fire alarm system.

Sprinkler Alarm

Sprinkler Alarm is use in the fire pump room which is for indication flow rate of water.

Microprocessor Fire Alarm System

Microprocessor fire alarm system which is use multi-operation at a particular point of time.

Smoke Detector

The Smoke Detector which are use to detect different type of smoke. Smoke detector gives response to fire control panel. Fire control panel take action against fire. Through the Smoke detector we will take appropriate action against fire.

Types Of Smoke Detector

There are various type of smoke detector which is use for fire fighting system. Smoke detector such as Response Indicator, Optical Smoke Detector, Smoke Detector Camera, Beam Smoke Detector, Multi Sensor Smoke Detector, Standalone Smoke Detector, Addressable Smoke Detector, Photoelectric Smoke Detector.

Response Indicator

Response indicator is major part of smoke detector which is use for take action against fire.

Optical Smoke Detector

Optical smoke detector which detect different smoke for the indication of fire.

Smoke Detector Camera

The smoke detector camera in which the micro spy camera is pre-installed.

Beam Smoke Detector

Beam smoke detector in which detector ray is use micro flame for highly flammable area.

Multi Sensor Smoke Detector

Multi sensor smoke detector is use for smoke and temperature detector.

Standalone Smoke Detector

Standalone smoke  detector is the battery operated smoke detector.

Addressable Smoke Detector

Addressable smoke detector it shows the actual position of fire.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Photoelectric smoke detector in this photoelectric detector detect the fire.

Fire Door

Fire Door is use in passive fire protection system. The Fire door is use to prevent from spreading fire. These fire door highly recommended in all type of premises. We are the leading manufacturer of all types of fire doors. All these are Fireproof Doors which are fire Retardant Door.

Types of Fire Resistant Door​

There are various type of fire door. Such type of fire are Glass fire door, Wooden fire door, Fire rated steel door, Fire resistant metal door, Fire sliding Door, Fire Explosion door.

Glass Fire Door

Glass fire door in which fire proof glass is use fire retardant.

Wooden Fire Door

Wooden fire door is flameproof door. These are use for stop fire .

Fire Rated Steel Door

Fire rated steel door is type of steel door. Steel fire door is use for control fire.

Fire Resistant Metal Door

Fire resistant metal door in which combination of metal.

Fire Sliding Door

Fire sliding door is a fire proof door. Which is use as sliding door.

Fire Explosion Door

The Fire explosion door is fire explosion proof door.

Emergency Lighting & Signs

Emergency Lighting & Signs is use in emergency situation of fire and any other mishappening take place. The Emergency Lighting & Signs is use for save life and goods. There are different types of Emergency Lighting & Signs are used according to their uses.

Fire Pump

Fire Pump is use in all fire fighting system and fire protection system. The Fire pump is use to maintain flow rate of fire extinguishing compound. There are different type of fire pump which are use according to their function.

Types of Fire Pump

These fire pump are control pressure of water. The Fire pump are such type Fire Water Pumps, portable pump, trailer pump, booster pump, end suction pump, diesel engine pump set, split case pump and jockey pump.

Fire Water Pumps

The fire water pump is use for control flow of water to riser system.

Portable Pump

Portable Pump is use for small premises which are portable.

Trailer Pump

Trailer Pump is ideally use for the refinery purpose which are trailer mounted

Booster Pump

Booster Pump is use for high rise pressure of water flow rate.

End Suction Pump

End suction pump is variety of uses which is use for end suction pump.

Diesel Engine Pump Set

Diesel engine pump set in which diesel engine are use for flow rate of water.

Jockey Pump

Jockey Pump is the small type of water pump which is use in sprinkler system.

Split Case Pump

Spit case pump is use for flow rate through chamber.

Fire Hose Reel

Hose Reel system is consist fire hydrant, drum and pipe. Which is use for high pressure flow rate of water to extinguish fire.

Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant is system require for fire department to apply external source of water to extinguish of water.

Fire Sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler is automatic fire extinguishing system when the fire take place.

BA Breathing Apparatus


Sea Max Fire Engineering Works , Fire BA Breathing Apparatus Suppliers & Manufacturers.

Range Includes in Fire safety security equipment

  • Fire suit
  • Fire blanket
  • BA set
  • Muff

At Sea Max Fire Engineering Works, we believe in nurturing a strong safety culture and we put our continuous effort to provide our clients with a safe working environment. We also offer a comprehensive fire safety and security consultancy services for commercial buildings, manufacturing units, large industrial plants and office premises.
We examine all facilities and activities of an organization from the angle of safety, assess the current level of prevention, protection and emergency management preparedness and subsequently prepare an action plan to upgrade safety inputs to avert mishaps and limit consequences. In our service include fire consultancy also.Please read Fire Consultant. or call us