HFC 227 Fire Suppression System

HFC 227 Fire Suppression System

HFC-227 Fire Suppression System offered by us is internationally accepted as providing an ideal fire protection solution for people, property and the environment. Electrically non-conductive, HFC-227 occupies minimal storage space. Its primary action is through cooling the fire and removing heat energy so that the combustion process cannot be sustained.

These fire suppression systems can protect Class A, B and C type fires and has zero ozone depletion potential.

 When it comes to property, HFC-227 is a trusted choice in clean agent fire protection, perfect where disruption has to be minimized and survivability of the business is critical. It is clean, leaving behind no oily particulates, water or corrosive materials. This virtually eliminates any risk of damage to delicate equipment caused by the extinguishant itself.

Finally, the environment is not at risk. It has a zero effect on the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer and has a minimal impact on the environment in comparison to the impact of a catastrophic fire.


It’s a fire protection solution that has already been applied in more than 1000,000 situations worldwide in more than 70 countries. We SEA MAX FIRE ENGINEERING WORKS ENGAGED IN Trunkey projects designing, installation,commissioning & testing of All Type of Fire Suppression Systems( gas/chemical based).