Fire Door

Sea Max Fire is a leading manufacturer of Fire Exit doors which are fire proof, fire resistant, fire rated and fire protected which stops fire and smoke. The Fire Door plays a major role at the time of the fire accident, which saves thousands of lives and accidental damages. Our Fire Door is being manufactured according to INDIAN standard codes which can stop fire for up to 4 hours.

We provide installation of different doors such as explosion protection doors, fire resistant metal doors, fire rated steel doors, wooden doors, glass  doors, double doors, single doors, sliding doors, Powder Coated, Polished, Color Coated, sliding and customization.

Fire Door
Fire Door Manufacturer


Sea max fire used the highest quality fireproof material for a fire door in INDIA. Manufacturing of fire-resistant doors is an automatic process that consists of different materials which stop fire. We have list of manufacturing units of fire doors in INDIA which are situated in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Manesar, Ghaziabad, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan and provide installation across aver India. The fire door is a part of a fire protection system.

Types Of Fire Door

Metal - Steel - fire door

Metal Fire Door

Metal fire door consists of steel. Our metal fire door consists of a steel sheet > 2mm and insulation of fire proof material which our fire proof door stronger and more reliable than other fire doors. 

Wooden Fire Door

Wooden Fire Door

The wooden doors are made up of fire-resistant wood which stops fire. For fire safety we provide no compromise fire rated wooden door.

Glazed _ Glass - Fire Door

Glazed / Glass Fire Door

A glazed door consists fire resistant,  radiation control and heat resistant glass which provides efficient time for evacuation.

Installation Of Fire Door

The installation of a fire door is a procedure in which a fire-resistant door is being installed with different aspects which completely stops heat, smoke and fire. Installation of the fire door in hospitals, hotels, schools, hotels, office areas, factories, warehouses and different spaces.

Installation of fire door

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Fire Proof Doors

Fire Proof Doors

The fire proof doors contain a vision panel, panic bar, kick plate, door lock handle, powder coating, honeycomb and different fire insulated materials that make or door fire proof.