Fire Fighting System Installation in Gurugram

Fire Fighting System Installation in Gurugram

Fire Fighting System is designed for us to prevent from fire disaster or fire explosion through Fire Fighting equipment. The fire fighting system are use in factories, building, server room, wear house, hospital, school, colleges, offices and public areas. At the time of Emergency the fire fighting system is require to control fire through fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire detector, fire extinguisher, fire hydrant fire, hose reel, fire suppression system. Installation of fire fighting system

Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler system in building helps to reduce injuries and stop fire at its starting point prevents from flashover in industries. The Fire sprinkler system provides level of protection from from fire that no other technology can offer, these fire sprinkler provide extra time to evacuate safely. These fire Sprinkler has heat sensor which detects changing of temperature and activate the each individual sprinkler head, this the sprinkler which detects significant  change temperature will react not entire fire sprinkler system.

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System is a pattern in which different fire alarm device are connected together, smoke detector, heat detector, pull stations which indicates to fire alarm control panel that fire has been detected and aware the people through audio and visual alarm.

The Several input and output units of  Fire alarm system.

  1. Control Panel – The control Panel is the brain of fire alarm system that perform both input-output function and send notification to different  devices as mobile, S.O.S, guard room and many more.
  2. Power Supply – Power Supply in fire alarm system make fire alarm system active, There are two types of power source requirement in fire alarm system as primary and backup power supply for any emergency.
  3. Initiating devices / Fire Detectors – These initiating devices are performs input function in which they send signal fire alarm control to indicates their is possible fire. Types of Initiating devices :- Automatic Initiating devices (Smoke, Heat, Carbon dioxide CO2, Carbon Monoxide CO, flame, Beam Detector and many more) and Manual Initiating devices (Pull Stations and alarm Buttons).
  4. Notification Appliances – The Notification Appliances are output units of fire alarm system which are audible and visual devices (Hooter, flasher, speaker, bells) for indication of fire.
  5. Building Safety Components – The Building Safety Components alloys fire alarm system to aspect of building environment these fire safety equipment are to exit or evacuate safely in case of fire such as Fire door, emergency exit light, Fire safety sign board, exit plan and many more.

Types of Fire Alarm System

Three are mainly two types of fire alarm system addressable fire alarm system and conventional fire alarm system in which they both are connected to fire Fighting devices but they have different functions and operations.

Conventional Fire Alarm system in gurugram

Conventional Fire Alarm system

The Conventional fire alarm system there are different devices through control panel with individual wire Which are separated in different zones. Through this way when a device is activated the panel identifies the zone which has potential to know the location of fire

Advantages of Conventional Fire Alarm system

  • Less expensive than addressable fire alarm system.
  • Suitable for small enterprises.

Disadvantages of Conventional Fire Alarm system

  • Not suitable for large enterprises

Addressable Fire alarm system

Addressable Fire alarm systemin which all fire devices and and fire detector are connected with one wire to addressable control panel. Thea Addressable fire alarm system assigns the unique address to each device of system in which locate the exact location of fire through control panel. These addressable fire alarm system are very customizable which are use in large offices and buildings

Advantages of Addressable Fire alarm system

  • Easily identifies the location of fire.
  • Suitable for large premises.
  • Ease Of Use.
  • More Reliable.
  • Prevents from Big fire disaster at early stage.

Disadvantages of Addressable Fire alarm system

  • More expensive than conventional fire alarm system.
Addressable Fire Alarm system in gurugram

Benefits of fire Alarm System in Your Building

  • Fire Alarm Provides Warning Thorough audio and visual devices.
  • Fire alarm helps to monitor your building through fire alarm system.
  • Helps to early detection of fire, which helps to prevent from major fire damage in building.

Fire Protection System Installation Gurugram

Fire Protection System helps to stop fire through control unit of fire protection system. Fire is the most serious hazards that make threatening of life, goods and environment. 

Fire Protection System Installation Gurugram

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrants are pipe fitted hydrant which consists water pressure >1500 GPM(Gallons Per Minute) to extinguish fire. The Fire Hydrant consist fireplugs, fire pump, hydrant plug which all are are attached with common water line which consist riser which helps fire fighter to maintain proper pressure of water which extinguishes fire.

Fire Hose Reel System

The fire hose reel is connected to water pipe line consist 36 meter length which is placed on hose reel drum which make it easy to operate. Fire Hose reel are operated by nozzle which allows water to flow through pipe line. The operation of fire hose reel contains direct the water on base of flames.

Fire Fighting Protection System Installation Gurugram