Fire alarm system in gurgaon

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works provides all types of Fire alarm system in Gurgaon. We are the leading contractor which provide complete installation of fire alarm system. Fire alarm system is a complete function that addresses the fire and provide indication of fire through fire alarm panel and fire hooter. In fire alarm system there are various type of system such as :-

Fire alarm system in gurgaon

Automatic Fire Alarm System

Automatic fire Alarm system is a multifunctional fire indication system. The automatics fire alarms systems  is especially designed for performing multifunction ( in case fire ) as fire detection and fire indication.

Manual Fire Alarm System

Manual fire alarm system is a fire indication system which is connected through hooter provides signal of fire accident. In Manual Fire Alarm system the external call point is use in which push button is used for giving response of fire.

Standalone Fire Alarm System

Standalone fire alarm system is mono operated alarm system which works through manual push button system.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional fire alarm system is a group of fire detector which detects fire through different sensor such as fire detector, heat detector, smoke detector and many more and provides response of fire though fire alarm and fire alarm panel.

Fire alarm system installation gurugram

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable fire alarm system combination of fire detector ,smoke detector ,heat sensor, fire alarm, fire control panel, hooter module and many more. The Addressable fire alarm system is programming based fire alarm system that addresses fire.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

In Wireless fire alarm system all different wireless fire protection devices are connected through wireless signal all these information is provided to fire protection system. The wireless fire alarm system are use in all type of applications.

Our Scope of Work in Fire Alarm System

Sea max fire engineering works are contractor and service provider all types of fire alarm system in Gurugram.

Fire alarm system installation

Fire Alarm system installation require number of things which is provided by us .Sea Max Fire Provides installation of all type of fire alarm system.

Fire alarm system design

In Fire Alarm system design needs highly skilled engineers for installation of fire protection system which is provided by SEA MAX FIRE ENGINEERING WORKS.

Fire alarm system AMC

Sea max fire provides AMC (annual maintenance contract ) for fire alarm system in Gurugram that keeps you secure and updated any fire disasters.

Fire alarm system service

We Provide servicing and repairing of fire alarm system which make your fire alarm system in proper working condition.

Application of fire alarm system

Fire alarm system installation in hospital ,building, data center, hotels, factories, warehouse, power plant ,school and colleges. 

Fire Alarm System