Fire Fighting System Installation In Rewari

Our Company Sea Mx Fire Engineering Works provides complete Installation of fire fighting system in Rewari. The fire fighting system is designed for premises for suppression of fire.  We provides different types of fire protection system which are fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire hydrant and fire hose reel system which is used as a fire suppression system. The fire fighting system is able to demolish all kinds of fire.

Fire Protection System

A fire protection system is used to control or stop a fire. Our Fire protection system consists of all types of fire safety system which is required for the extinguishing of the fire.

Fire Sprinkler System

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works provide installation of the fire sprinkler system in Rewari which is used to extinguish all types of fire through a high pressurized water spray system.

Fire Alarm System

A Fire Alarm System is part of a fire fighting system that consists fire alarm panel, fire detectors, and a notification system.

Fire Door

The Fire doors are available in different sizes and insulating materials which are designed as per need of premisses, we are the largest manufacturer of the fire door. We provide all kinds of the fire door in Rewari. 

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighting equipment is an equipment that comes with different operational methods. All fire fighting equipment has an aim to control fire.

Safety Sign Boards

Fire Safety sign boards are a very useful and necessary item that is installed. The fire safety sign board is used as a display warning sign board and an object sign board. The emergency evacuation plan is used for showing an escape route at the time of the fire.

Fire Suppression System

Provide supplying, fixing and installation of fire suppression system in Rewari. We are a manufacturer of fire suppression system which consist of tube-based, clean agent, foam flooding, water mist which is called I server room, data center, electrical panel, control room, transformers, oil tank and fuel tank.

Fire Extinguisher

We provide supplying, fixing and testing of a  fire extinguisher in Rewari. Our fire extinguisher has a wonderful performance, which comes with different standards such as ABC, BC, DCP, CO2, CLEAM AGENT, FOAM, DRY CHEMICAL PODER AND FOAM.

Service Area In Rewari

We provide fire safety services all over Rewari such as Dharuhera, Bawal, Kosli, Estate, HSIIDC, HUDA, HUDA Sector-1 Rewari, Sector-1 (N.M.T.), Sector-2, Sector-3 Part 1, Sector-3 Part 2, Sector-4, Sector-5, Sector-6, Sector-7, Sector-8, Sector-9, Sector-10, Sector-11, Sector-12, Sector-13, Sector-14, Sector-15, Sector-16, Sector-17, Sector-18, Sector-19, Sector-20, Sector-21, Sector-22, Sector-23, Sector-24, Sector-25, Sector-26, Sector-27, Sector-28, Sector-29, Sector-30, Sector-31, Sector-32, Sector-33, Sector-34, Sector-35, Sector-36, Sector-37, Sector-38, Sector-39, Sector-40, Sector-41, Sector-42, Sector-43, Sector-44, Sector-45, Sector-46, Sector-47, Sector-48, Sector-49, Sector-50, Sector-51, Sector-52, Sector-53, Sector-54, Sector-55, Sector-56, Sector-57, Sector-58, Sector-59, Sector-60, Sector-61, Sector-62, Sector-63, Sector-64, Sector-65, Sector-66, Sector-67, Sector-68, Sector-69, Sector-70, Sector-71, Sector-72, Sector-73, Sector-74, Sector-75, Sector-76, Sector-77 and all over Rajasthan.