Fire Fighting Contractor in Bawal

Sea Max Fire ENgineenring Works is a fire fighting contractor in Bawal, the fire contractor executes the installation and designing of fire fighting system, fire protection system, fire detection system and fire suppression system. In our fire safety service in Bawal, provides supplying of fire fighting equipment in the Bawal Industrial area, imt bawal, hsiidc bawal.

There is a list of fire protection equipment and services which are AMC for fire fighting stem, Repairing fire fighting system, maintaince of fire fighting system, refilling of fire extinguishers, and installation of the fire door. Our Company also provides Supplying – Fixing – Testing – Commissioning of Fire alarms, fire detectors, fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, fire monitors, fire hose reels and fire suppression systems.

Fire Fighting Contractor in Bawal

Fire Safety Service In Bawal

In our Fire Safety Service in Bawal, we assured the quality and reliability of our fire safety equipment and fire safety services. We provide the best service and price range of fire fighting equipment because we are a manufacturer of different fire fighting equipment which are fire door, fire extingisher, fire detector, fire alarm, safety sign boards and fire suppression systems.

Our Expertise

fire sprinkler system in bawal

Fire Sprinkler System

The Fire Sprinkler system consists fire sprinkler head that is attached to the fire sprinkler pipeline. A fire sprinkler system also gets connected with a fire alarm system.

fire suppression system in bawal

Fire Suppression System

Installation of different suppression systems for server, data center and panel. The fires suppression systems are available in different techniques.

fire hydrant - hose reel system in bawal

Fire Hydrant - Hose Reel System

A fire hydrant and fire hose reel system is used to discharge a large amount of water from the water storage tank to extinguish a fire from a distance.

fire door in bawal

Fire Doors

We are the Largest Manufacturer of fire doors in bawal and provide installation of glazed, steel, acoustic and wooden fire doors.

fire extinguisher in bawal

Fire Extinguishers

Our fire extinguishers have a list of different standards which are ABC, Co2, Clean Agent, Foam and dry chemical powder.

fire alarm system in bawal

Fire Alarm System

In a fire alarm system, a fire alarm panel controls different types of fire detectors and helps to control fire.

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