Fire Sprinkler System

A Fire Sprinkler System is a unit of wet suppression system that controls fire through water suppression. The fire sprinkler system is installed in hospitals, buildings, basements, warehouses, factories, office buildings, electric rooms, garages, factories, and many more industries. Designing a fire sprinkler system is used for accurate positing of fire fighting system which is used in case of fire.

Fire is the most destructive element which causes loss of life and goods. The system that controls the expansion of fire is known as the automatic sprinkler system. The fire sprinkler system controls fire before the fire department reaches. Fire sprinklers are of 2 types smoke detector sprinklers and heat detector sprinklers which are connected to a fire control panel.

fire sprinkler system installation


Installation of fire sprinkler system consists of 2 major units which are the water supply system and sprinkler head. The fire sprinkler heads contain bulb which contains liquid, that gets expanded if the temperature continuously arise which cause an explosion of the sprinkler bulb that activates the fire sprinkler system. 

Water supply systems are through a building that connects to the fire-fighting water tank. Sea max fire engineering works impart all sprinklers which are Pendent Sprinkler, Concealed Sprinkler, Upright Sprinkler, and Side Wall Sprinkler.

Design and Diagram

Designing of fire sprinkler systems is different as well as per diagram of a building.

  • Wet System-  Works independently for a particular fire point.
  • Dry pipe system – In this pipe contains high pressurized nitrogen, which prevents water from freezing.
  • Pre-action system- System that activates through smoke or heat, placed where accidental damage is more chance.
  • Deluge sprinkler system –  All Sprinkler heads are always open, which activates or is operated through an external power supply.