Fire Fighting System

We determine what fire protection systems are required on your project.

Fire Fighting installation company

The Basic Of Fire Protection System

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works is a Fire Protection company that provides designing, drawing, installation, maintenance of fire fighting systems in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Manesar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and includes ALL OVER INDIA.

Fire Safety Comes with more Responsibilities that provide complete protection from different fire fighting systems such as fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system, fire hydrant system, fire suppression system, fire detection system, fire pump systems, and fire extinguishers.

The fighting system requires a proper assessment of a site where fire fighting equipment is designed and installed.

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Fire Fighting System

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Our Fire Fighting installation company provides consultancy for all types of fire fighting systems, fire protection system, and fire detection system. In Which we provide BOQ according to NFPA Codes as per standards of local fire authority which helps to get Fire Non-Objection Certificate N.O.C easily.

Our Specialization

Sea Max Fire is a leading contractor that delivers more than 4000+ projects in which we provide Design, Supply, Costing & Estimation of our specialization in Fire Hydrant System, Fire Suppression System, Fire Sprinkler System, Fire Detection And Alarm System,  Fire Extinguisher System.

specialization in fire safety work

Fire suppression system

The automatic fire extinguishing system or fire suppression system installation service provides advanced fire safety from the spreading of fire.

Fire alarm system

Sea max Fire alarm system is a combination of a fire sensor and alarm hooter which notifies the fire.

Fire Detection System

Installation of Fire Detection System monitors all types of fire, heat, smoke. The fire detection system provides continuous fire protection.

Fire Pumping Systems

In Fire Pumping Systems a fire pump is installed according to the calculation which helps to maintain flow in the fire fighting system.

Gas flooding systems

Sea Max Fire offers a quality range of Gas flooding systems which is designed for cease a fire.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler System provides a shield on all types of premises which suppresses fire.

Water Spray Systems

Water Spray Systems are of various types which contain pressurized water to shut the fire.

Fire Hydrant and Wet Riser System

Fire Hydrant and Wet Riser System is a part of fire protection system which consist a network of pipe which contains fire suppressing agent for fire fighter.

List Of Our Fire Fighting Equipment

There is a list of Fire Fighting equipment that controls fire through different fire fire fire equipment like a fire extinguisher, hydrants, hose pipes, hose reels, heavy-duty fire fighting systems, fire safety wear, fire bucket stand, security fire alarm, fire retardants, response indicator, fire sprinklers, fire door, fire safety sign boards, fire detector. Fire fighting equipment is a primary unit of the fire protection system.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher contains a fire suppressing agent which acts as the primary agent for controlling fire.

Heavy Duty Fire Fighting System

Heavy Duty Fire Fighting System

Heavy Duty Fire Fighting System control is used in fire hazardous areas. There is a list of various fire fighting systems such as suppression systems, sprinkler systems, alarm systems, and many more.

Fire Retardants

Fire Retardants

Fire Retardants are of various types as Fire Bucket With Stand, Fire Rated Doors, Fire Safety Wears, Fire Safety Sign Boards, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hose, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Hydrant, Fire Alarm which are primary agents or materials that control fire.

Our Recent Projects

Our Company provides a list of completed projects which are sustainable and reliable. We provide installation of fire fighting systems in different sectors such as automotive, transport, manufacturing, energy, power, healthcare, oil, gas, mining, Aerospace, Computer, Telecommunication, Agriculture, Construction, Education, Pharmaceutical, Food, Hospitality, Electronics Industry.

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Sea Max Fire provides various services in the field of fire safety that contains designing fire protection systems, installation of fire fighting systems, maintenance of fire fighting equipment, consultant for fire noc, fire fighting system repair, maintenance of fire fighting equipment, AMC for Fire System, Fire Drill and fire extinguisher refilling.

Fire Fighting System Installation

Fire Fighting System Installation

Fire Fighting System Installation provides complete security to buildings, factories, Wearhouse, offices, colleges, schools, hospitals from fire. The fire fighting system control fire automatically through fire protection system. 

Fire Fighting system designing

Fire Fighting system designing

Sea Max fire engineering works provides an assessment of the site through which we can provide designing of fire fighting system. Fire Fighting system design can evaluate the requirement of fire protection equipment.

Fire Fighting system maintenance

Fire Fighting system maintenance

The maintenance of the fire fighting system requires proper inspection of devices or fire fighting types of equipment. The inspection of fire fighting equipment is of 2 ways visual inspection, device testing equipment’s and programming.

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