Fire Alarm Supplier

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works is a leading fire alarm supplier which provides different alarm equipment, fire panel, and fire detectors. The fire detection system consists fire alarm system which is a very essential system that provides power shutdown, sound alarm, and notification systems which is the earliest detection and provides focus on the early stage of fire. The final layer for complete fire protection is to add the fire fighting system or fire suppression system, when the fire is detected fire protection system activates immediately and suppresses fire through our Q.R.S( Quick Response System). We are the Largest Fire Alarm Supplier in INDIA.

Types Of Fire Alarm

Conventional Fire Alarm

A conventional Fire Alarm is a single loop system in which all fire detection devices are connected to a conventional fire alarm panel.

Addressable Fire Alarm

An Addressable fire alarm system is a completely automatic fire alarm system that will point actual position of all fire detectors.

Wireless Fire Alarm

The wireless fire alarm system is controlled through a control panel that connects to all fire detection devices through signals.


Installation and designing of Fire alarm system consist of drawing in which we provide exact locations of fire detectors and devices which all are connected fire alarm control panel.

Installation of Fire Alarm
Manufacturer of fire alarm


We are a manufacturer of complete fire alarm systems and devices which are fire detectors, heat detectors, smoke detectors, I.R detectors, hooters, fire alarm panels, manual call points, and sirens.


Maintenance is the most important factor that keeps the fire alarm system functioning in some conditions fire alarm system gets failed without maintenance.

Maintenance Of Fire Alarm
Designing of fire alarm


In The designing of a fire alarm system, we have to inspect the area in which we can calculate the fire load through that we provide the exact location of which type of fire detector or alarm should be installed on that premises.


In service of the fire alarm system, each fire detector is inspected, cleaned, and testing the functioning of each detector.

Fire Alarm system service


Fire Alarm Supplier

The fire alarm system is an emergency response system that is activated automatically in any emergency situation, the fire alarm system detects fire and provides an emergency response.

A fire alarm system consists of a group of components that are a power supply, detector and a control unit.

I.R sensor also detects fire through infra red rays.

For consultancy, sea max fire provides complete guidance for fire alarm system.

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works is a fire alarm system contractor that provides fire alarm system projects for hospitals, factories, warehouses, institutional areas, buildings, hotels, power plants, homes, and other premises.