Fire Protection System Contractor In Agra

Sea Max Fire is a Fire Protection System Contractor In Agra that deals in all fire fighting equipments, fire extinguishers and fire systems. The fire system are of various types which are designed and installed for fire protection. We are a dealer of fire alarm in which we provide installation of all type fire alarm system. In our fire safety projects, we provide complete commissioning of fire protection system and installation of fire extinguishers. A fire fighting system provides safety from fire.

Our Services

Fire Alarm System

The Fire alarm system work as an indicator that provides an indication of fire through a manually operated and automatically operated fire alarm system.

Fire Sprinkler System

A Fire sprinkler system is a unit of fire fighting system in which fire sprinklers are installed for fire protection in a large space.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection system is a set of fire fighting equipment that is designed and installed for fire safety.

Fire Fighting System AMC

AMC of fire fighting system offers complete repairing, testing and monitoring of fire fighting system. The annual maintenance contract keeps the fire fighting system in working condition.

Fire Suppression System

A fire suppression system is a technology that is specially designed to control hazardous fire in server room, data center, elecrical room and panel.

Fire Hydrant System

The Fire Hydrant System or fire hose reel system consists high pressurized water flow system which is used at the time of the fire.

Fire Extinguisher Dealer In Agra

Fire Extinguishers is portable fire fighting equipment that consists fire suppressing agent in a cylinder that can be used for fire extinguishing. We are a fire extinguisher dealer in all over INDIA.

Fire Extinguisher Refilling In Agra

Refilling of fire extinguisher is done after a periodic time for the performance of fire extinguishers or after every single use of fire extinguishers.

Types Of Fire Extinguishers

We are a manufacturer of all types of fire extinguishers and provide servicing of fire extinguishers.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

ABC Fire Extinguisher

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Modular Fire Extinguisher

K Guard Extinguisher

Foam Fire Extinguisher

Fire Safety for

Fire safety system for all sectors in Agra such as Electrical Goods, Leather Goods, Shoes, Steel Rolling, Packing, Milk Products, Cotton and Textile, Wood Paper Products and Stationery, Leather Goods and Metal Products, Auto and Engine Parts, Handicrafts Works, Shoes Industries, Food , FMCG, Airlines , Aviation , Drone, Defence , Aerospace, Gems , Jewellery , Watches, E-Commerce, Automobile , Auto Ancillaries , Electric Vehicle & Dealers, Consumer Durables, Home Appliances, Electrical, Electronics , Batteries, Environment, Cleantech , Recycling, Waste Management, Chemical, Plastics, Rubber , Resins, Polymers, Hotels, Restaurants , Cloud Kitchen, Ministries, Govt Bodies, Associations, Power, Green Energy, Accessories, Construction, Infrastructure, Coworking, Housing, Commercial, Processed Food, Foodgrains, Exporters, Importers, Commodity Traders, I.T, Factories, MNC company and all type of industries.