Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi

Sea Max Fire Engineering works are largest manufacturer of fire extinguisher in Delhi provides installation, service and amc of all types of fire extinguisher. Fire Extinguishers are portable fire fighting equipment that control all types of fire in emergency situation. These fire extinguisher contains pressure and fire extinguishing agent which control fire. The Fire is an combination of Heat + Oxygen + fuel and the our fire extinguisher is specially deigned to kill fire. We provides dealership of fire extinguisher to different companies and supplies all type of fire extinguisher in delhi.

Installation and Commissioning

The fire extinguisher installation and commissioning is provided by engineer as per I.S standard which is easy to approach, ease of use , maintained proper distance. Once the extinguisher is installed we provide fire safety security certificate for security supervision.


Our Fire Extinguishers are always maintained and keep in an efficient state which is always ready for use. We provide service and servicing of all type of fire extinguisher.

Annual Maintenance contract - A.M.C

Annual Maintenance contract(AMC) of fire Englisher keeps fire extinguisher maintained in which we have different parameters and checklist is done in every month for proper function of fire extinguisher.

Types Of fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher are of various types which have their own unique properties and their is basic guidelines for fire extinguisher are placed for action in case of fire.

ABC fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi

ABC fire Extinguisher

ABC Fire Extinguisher powder based fire extinguisher which is also known as multipurpose fire extinguishers use in hospital, offices, factories, school and many other places. The ABC fire extinguisher is easy to operate and easy to carry. These A B C fire extinguishers are available in different capacities as 2 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg, 25 Kg, 50 kg and many more.

Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide or Co2 fire extinguishers are use fore B class (Electrical) electrical fire and flammable liquid fire. The Co2 fire extinguisher are available in different capacity 2kg, 2.5 kg, 4.5kg, 5kg, 9kg, 22.5kg, 25kg, 50 kg. The Co2 fire extinguisher is use in industrial applications which control fire very efficiently.

C02 fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi
Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi

Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

The Clean agent fire extinguisher helps to protect you valuable data in which clean agent has non destructive qualities which are friendly to electronics items and limits the fire damage like server room, computer, data center, electrical area. Clean agent fire extinguisher are use for specific fire hazards which work on all type of fire. These clean agent fire extinguisher have non-conductive elements which makes more safe environment while others are less desirable. The clean agent fire extinguisher are first choice for fire protection.

Tube base Automatic fire Extinguisher

Tube base automatic fire extinguisher is use in electrical panel, server, data panel which are combination of complex network, control panel and electrical cabinet. The Tube base fire suppression system control fire where it’s originate. In Tube base Automatic fire Extinguisher does not require any external power supply which provide minimum fire damage and point out fire and provides notification through sounder. These tube fire suppression system suppress fire through automatic fire suppression system 24*7 which are non conductive and non resistive to all electrical equipment.

Tube base Automatic Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi
Modular Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi

Automatic/Modular fire extinguisher

Automatic/Modular fire extinguisher

Type Capacity Applications
ABC/Powder 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 15 Kg Factory, Warehouse, wood/paper industry, Commercial building
Clean Agent 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 15 Kg Server Room, Data center, Computer System, Laboratory, Electrical equipment

K- Guard Fire Extinguisher

K- Guard Fire Extinguisher is especially designed for commercial kitchen to protect from animal fart fire and cooking oil fire. The kitchen guard fire extinguishers protects all kitchen appliance as deep fat fryer, griller, chimney and many other cooking appliances

K Guard Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi
Foam fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi

Foam Fire extinguisher

Foam Fire extinguisher is use for class A & B Fire. Sea Max fire uses special type of foam agent which has cooling properties and provide oxygen cut-off. The foam fire extinguisher are used in chemical plants 

DCP fire extinguisher

Dry Chemical powder (DCP) fire extinguisher contains mono ammonium phosphate and stored pressure of nitrogen + Co2 which suppressed fire.

DCP fire extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi
Water fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher uses water which helps to extinguish ordinary combustible material like wood and paper. The Water fire extinguisher is use on A class fire. Water Fire extinguisher are not use in electrical fire. A class fire is the most common fire in which water fire extinguisher are used.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is use on fuel, mines, chemical facilities, petroleum plants and more B class fire. The Class b fire is like fuel loading rack in such case we need some trolley which contain large amount of wet chemical which control fire from long distance 18-20 ft.. These fire extinguishers are use heavy industrial fire.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer In Delhi

How to use fire extinguisher

There are different types of fire extinguisher which have different operation and functions, these fire extinguishers contains fire suppressing agent and air pressure. The fire extinguisher aim the fire and suppressed the agent through through wall and helps to extinguish fire.

Applications/Uses Of Fire Extinguisher

There are various applications of fire extinguisher in which fire extinguisher are use :-

  • School.
  • Colleges. 
  • Factories.
  • Wear house.
  • Residential properties.
  • Hospital.
  • Building.
  • Data Center.
  • Server room.
  • wood, coal, textiles, fabrics, cardboard and paper industries.
  •  Office.

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