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Kitchen Suppression System

The Kitchen fire suppression is used in the commercial kitchen to keep our kitchen appliances fire protected. Sea max fire is a manufacturer of automatic kitchen hood fire suppression systems in INDIA. Designing of tube based kitchen fire suppression system requires different fire fighting components that are required to suppress the fire.

In the Kitchen fire suppression system is used to control grease fires and electrical fires in the kitchen. In a domestic kitchen, fire is more aggressive which can lead to a big fire hazard, to control the fire we used our sea max fire kitchen suppression system.

Our kitchen suppression system leaves no residue on kitchen appliances or products after use. The kitchen suppression system is installed in a kitchen hood that is aligned across the kitchen which detects fire and suppressed it through a fire sprinkler.

We also provide an in-line bursting tube-based suppression system for the kitchen which carries a fire detection tube, fire alarm, fire hooter, fire detector, fire fighting system and a control unit.

sea max system

Installation Of Fire Suppression System

Installation of a kitchen fire suppression system keeps us protected from fire. The kitchen suppression system is installed in the residential and commercial kitchens. The Installation of kitchen fire suppression is a procedure in which different fire fighting equipment’s is used for the suppression of fire. List of fire fighting equipments are a fire cylinder bank (which contains the suppressing agent for kitchen fire ), fire panel, hooter, fire alarm, fire detector, fire alarm and more system.

Installation Of kitchen Fire Suppression System
Wet Chemical Suppression System

Wet Chemical Suppression System

For kitchen suppression system wet chemical is used in fire suppression system. The wet chemical which is used for the kitchen fire suppression system is specially designed to control kitchen fire. The wet chemical is a multipurpose agent for electrical fire and grease fire. In a wet chemical kitchen fire suppression system, keep our system secure from any harm and leaves no residue.