fire fighting equipment in faridabad

Fire Safety In Faridabad

Sea max fire engineering works is a fire safety service provider in Faridabad, Haryana that provides the installation of fire fighting systems, fire protection equipment and fire extinguisher. Our fire protection system provides a security system through fire extinguishers, fire suppression, fire hydrant, fire sprinkler, fire alarm, fire detection and fire hose reel system.

Our Fire safety system is designed to extinguish all types of fire through our fire safety equipment for buildings, factories, residential societies, manufacturing plants, Offices and institutional plants. We provide fire safety consultation to get fire N.O.C in Faridabad.

Fire Suppression System

We have all types of Fire Suppression Systems which have different types and provide installation in the server room, electrical panel, kitchen hood, battery room, data center, transformer, ups room, pant booth and for chemical plants that have high suppressing rates. 

Fire Suppression System in faridabad
Fire Extinguisher in faridabad

Fire Extinguishers

The fire extinguisher is capable to control or extinguish all types of fire, we are a manufacturer of ABC, Co2, Clean agent, Foam, water, DCP and wet chemical. We provide refilling, servicing, maintenance and installation in Faridabad.

Hydrant System

A fire hydrant system consists fire pump, hose reel, riser, fire monitor, hydrant pipe and accessories that are surrounded by premises that are always in working mode for the demolition of fire.

Hydrant System in faridabad
Fire Fighting Equipment in in faridabad

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighting equipmts are that equipment which is to control, stops and extinguishes of fire through different safety equipment such as fire door, fire bucket stand, safety sign boards, emergency evacuation plan, eye wash station, glow in the dark board, fire pump, fire safety wear, fire vehicle, fire detector and much more equipment.

Fire Sprinkler System

Installation of the automatic fire sprinkler system in Faridabad ensures fire protection through types of sprinklers such as upright sprinkler, pre action sprinkler system, deluge sprinkler system, dry sprinkler system, concealed sprinkler, dry pipe sprinkler system, viking sprinklers, wet pipe sprinkler system, pre action system, side wall sprinkler, ceiling sprinkler, fire water sprinkler, commercial fire sprinkler system, pendent sprinkler price and flexible fire sprinkler pipe.

Fire Sprinkler System in faridabad
Fire Alarm in Faridabad

Fire Alarm

The Fire Alarm System is a part of the fire security system which is used for response indication of fire through the fire alarm.