Fire fighting services company

Fire fighting services company

Sea max fire engineering works is a leading company who provides fire fighting services for all types of fire fighting equipments. The Fire fighting services offer all kinds of fire safety equipment and fire safety systems: fire fighting systems, fire protection systems, fire alarms, and fire detection systems.

We are a leading manufacturer of fire fighting equipment and provide supply across all over INDIA such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire alarms, fire sprinklers and fire suppression systems.

The fire safety system is a mandatory part of fire fighting service which  provides protection against any disaster or any fire hazard. Our Fire fighting service company provide complete projects, maintenance and servicing of fire fighting system.

Fire Extinguisher Refilling / Servicing

An fire extinguisher is manually conducted fire fighting equipment in which there is no external power supply is required for functioning. We are manufacturer of fire extinguishers and provide refilling and serving of fire extinguishers.

Fire Fighting Installation

Fire fighting installation is a complete process in which is a combination of different fire fighting equipments which are fire sprinkler system installation, fire alarm system installation, fire hydrant system installation, fire hose system installation, fire pump system installation, fire suppression system installation.

Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance Services

The Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance Services is provided by Sea Max Fire Engineering Works in which we provide complete maintenance of fire safety equipment. Provides effective performance which demolished fire within seconds.

Fire Safety Audit

A Fire Safety Audit is conducted and inspected in which a fire safety audit report is prepared. The fire safety audit report marks all fire safety measures. The fire safety audit is inspected by our fire safety engineers.

Fire Safety Designing

Fire safety designing is first step taken for the installation of a fire fighting system in all fire fighting equipments are marked according to an area in which the designing of the fire safety system takes place.

Supply of Fire Protection suppression system

Supply of fire protection system and fire suppression system is a complete automatic fire safety system which also consists of fire alarms, fire detectors, fire sprinklers, fire pump, fire pipeline and fire suppressing system.