Panel Fire Suppression System

The panel fire suppression system provides complete protection from fire to panels, electrical panels, control panel, server room and data center. The sea max fire suppression system for panels consists of a tubing system that is installed inside the panel. The panel fire suppression system is an independent fire suppression system that effectively suppresses fire. The panel or electrical cabinets consists of a complex network of wires and electrical components which can cause a big fire hazard or data loss the sea max fire suppression technology is the most advanced technology that controls fire.

Server Panel Fire Suppression System

Types Of Suppression system for - Server Room | Data center

The suppression system for the server room and data center consists control unit, fire cylinder, fire detector, fire tube and much other fire fighting equipment. This system does not require an additional power supply. The System will have different properties and applications through which we can choose.


Co2 tubing system consists carbon dioxide gas which is fixed tubing system which is used for electrical panel.


FM 200 is a gas type suppression system which ialso use in server and data center for fire suppression system.

Clean Agent

Sea max fire clean agent gas is an ecofriendly gas which leaves no residue and safe for electrical components.