Fire Extinguishing

Fire Extinguishing is a technique or process in which we provide fire safety equipment and a fire fighting system to stop the fire. In our fire safety services, we provide various fire extinguishing methods that are designed to face any type of fire. To control fire we have various systems or devices that work on cooling, starvation, chain breaking and smothering method which suppresses fire effectively.

To control fire, we have various fire suppression techniques which are used to control types of fire which consist of electrical, motors, transformers, oil, grease, sodium phosphorus, petroleum, kerosene, diesel, gaseous, LPG, CNG, paper, wood and cloth.

The Fire safety techniques are improvised progressively for fire protection. We have a list of fire extinguishing systems that are automatic and provide fire suppression.

Fire Extinguishing Services

Fire Suppression System

The Fire Suppression System is a complete protection from fire that covers all areas through suppression system and sprays high pressurised fire suppressing agent which can control all types of fire. In Fire Suppression we provide fire safety schemes through which fire safety engineers provide installion.

Fire Fighting Equipment

A Fire Fighting Equipment is an safety devices which have various operational aspects to control fire, we are manufacturer of latest fire equipment which is used for protection from fire.

Fire Prevention System

Fire Prevention system is a fire control system that prevents life and goods from fire in its initial and intermediate stages. The fire prevention system can be installed in a building and construction ground.

Fire Hydrant System

The fire hydrant system consists fire hydrant and fire hose reel in a consistent form that contains pressurized water in an active state which is also get installed on the ground level at a safe distance to cover all are and make it fire protected.

Fire Monitor System

The Fire Monitor system is a robotic fire fighting system that is installed at the outer point of the building which sprays foam or water with different speeds and directions. Fire Monitors systems are of 2 types which are movable and fixed monitor systems.

Wet Chemical System

Wet chemical system has various types which are Kitchen suppression system, clean agent suppression system, HFC 227 suppression system, foam suppression system, fm200, R102, halon and 1230 suppression systems.

Automatic Tube Suppression System

Automatic Tube Suppression System is based on a heat detection tube extinguishing system. Which is installed inside a panel over electrical components. The tube system covers all single electronics components from fire.

Fire Sprinkler System

The Fire Sprinkler system is a prevention system that is always in the active state which is the oldest and most common system, which comes with a bursting sprinkler nozzle. Now days Fire sprinklers come with various flexible points that fire sprinkler more efficient and effective to control fire.

Fire Alarm System

A Fire alarm system is a group of fire detectors and fire sensors that are used as a response indicator at the time of the fire. The fire alarm system can also be connected to the existing fire fighting system for fire suppression.

Foam Flooding System

Foam flooding system consists large volume of fire suppressing foam agent with highly pressurized gas tubes which are installed in petroleum and gas industries which prevent fire explosions.

Fire Extinguisher

A Fire extinguisher is a stored fire suppressing agent that is filled in a cylinder which is easily getting from one place to another. The fire extinguisher has different types and size standards that can be installed as per need.

Co2 System

Co2 system is designed for servers, data centers, and panels room which have 2 major benefits which are :-
1) Prevents Electrical fire from Conduction. 2) Cut off the oxygen. The co2 suppression system is designed for closed rooms only.

Industrial Fire Safety Services

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works is INDIA's top fire safety contractor that provides all kinds of Industrial Fire Safety Services which is installed in building, I.T company, MNC sectors and manufacturing plants.


HFC 227 fire suppression system is a eco-friendly fire protection system that contains hfc 227 for fire extinguishing.

List Of Our Fire Safety Services