Fire Fighting System In Ludhiana

Sea Max Fire Engineering Work is a leading fire safety contractor that provides complete installation of Fire Fighting System In Ludhiana for all types of residential or commercial buildings. The Fire fighting system is a complete unit that consists fire detection system and a fire protection system which is designed to control or suppress fire. Fire Fighting systems are of various types which is is provided and installed by us in Ludhiana.

Fire is most disastrous in nature that destroys thousands of life and goods in every year, to control fire we provide a complete fire suppression system. We have various types of fire safety system which provides excellent performance in all over INDIA. Provides fire protection system as per fire department trough which can provide consultancy for fire N.O.C in Ludhiana.

fire extinguisher in ludhiana

Fire Extinguisher

The fire cylinder is a most necessary unit which is used as primary equipment to control fire. We provide installation, refilling, maintenance, manufacturing and supplying, and trading of fire extinguishers.

fire safety equipment in ludhiana

Fire Safety Equipment

We are a manufacturer of all types of fire safety equipment which are used as a fire protection unit to control fire.

fire door in ludhiana

Fire Door

Sea max fire is a leading brand in INDIA that is a manufacturer of fire door and provides complete design and installation of fire doors.

Fire Protection Systems

The Fire Protection systems are of various types which are designed and installed by Sea Max Fire. Sea Max fire is a manufacturer an dealer of fire protection systems in Ludhiana. We provide installation services in all sectors of Ludhiana, Punjab which are government sectors, private sectors, residential units, commercial complexes, IT companies, factories, manufacturing plants, Textile industries, server rooms, warehouses, schools, colleges and more units.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor in Ludhiana

Fire Sprinkler System

Installation of  Fire Sprinkler System is taken place by Sea Max Fire for all types o buildings.

Fire Alarm System

The Fire alarm system is an independent fire protection system which is use for protection from fire through fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm System Installation Services in Ludhiana
fire hydrant system installation in ludhiana

Fire Hydrant System

In a Fire Hydrant system, we provide different control units of a fire hydrant to control fire through an independent fire control module.

Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression system is the most expressive fire fighting system that controls fire through an immediate action system to control fire.

Fire Suppression System Dealer in Ludhiana