Fire Protection System Contractor In Mathura

We are a fire Fire Protection System Contractor In Mathura, Uttar Pradesh we provide complete fire safety security services which are installation, designing, maintenance, servicing, supplying, fixing and testing of fire protection systems. The fire protection system consists fire proofing for fire safety. Provides all kind of fire suppression system and installation, refilling of fire extinguishers.

List Of Our Services in Mathura

Installation Of Fire Fighting System

Installation of fire fighting system provides safety to building from spreading of fire and activates fire fighting system automatically for fire protection.

Designing Of Fire Protection System

In Designing Of Fire Protection System, we examine the place for installation of fire protection system and provide marking of fire fighting equipments.

Maintenance Of Fire Fighting Equipment

Maintenance Of Fire Fighting Equipment, inspect all fire fighting equipments in every month for maintaining the functioning of fire fighting equipments.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher is a fire safety equipment which is use as a safety tool for fire suppression, Manufacturer of fire extinguishers and refilling of cylinder.

Fire Door Installation

A fire door is a unit of fire proofing that is able to stop fire for upto 4 hrs. The fire doors are installed on all primary exits of the building.

Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm system are of different types which all have a common feature to indication of fire through fire siren for emergency escape.

Fire Suppression System

Our fire suppression system consists a complete unit for fire protection system that has technology which automatically detects and suppresses fire within seconds.

Fire Hydrant System

The fire hydrant system is the most commonly used fire protection system which is installed in building for complete fire safety.

Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler system is an interconnected piping stem that consist fire pump, fire sprinkler and more fire safety equipments.