Drencher Fire Sprinkler System

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works is a fire safety security service provider which consists of a drencher sprinkler system for fire protection. The Drencher system has many types which use many types of fire detection devices for fire safety. Our fire protection systems ensure complete fire safety through fire sprinklers, fire suppression, fire hydrant, fire extinguishing and fire alarm system.

These fire fighting systems are entirely automatic, ensuring extreme fire safety for all sectors with high standards of safety types of equipment.

fire fighting drencher sprinkler system

Desgin And Installation Services

Our Company provides a list of Design and installation services for fire fighting system installation projects for complete fire protection in Factories, manufacturing plant, Constructional buildings, companies, and large commercial units.


The Drencher Fire Sprinkler System has a list of application which is specially designed for large units to control fire.