fire safety in okhla

Fire Safety In Okhla

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works is the most trusted fire safety contractor or fire safety service provider in Okhla, Delhi that provides installation of fire fighting systems, fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment. We Provide fire NOC certificate in Okhla, Delhi. In Fire safety, we provide new fire extinguishers and refilling of fire extinguishers in Okhla. Our Fire safety drill ensures complete aspects that are necessary for fire evacuation.

Fire Is the most dangerous element which destroys lives and goods for protection from fire we need to install and maintain fire safety equipment, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems, to detect and extinguish fire effectively.

Our Company provides all types of fire safety security systems and fire protection systems that are approved by Indian government agencies. There are various types of fire safety techniques that are use to control fire.

Installation Of Fire Fighting System

Installation of Fire fighting system consists of various fire safety systems which are fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system, fire hose system, fire hydrant system, fire suppression system, fire protection system, Tube suppression system, foam flooding system, fire pump system and fire detection system in Okhla, Delhi.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighting equipment is the most important component used for fire extinguishing. There is a list of firefighting equipment like fire hoses, extinguishers, water pumps, fire doors, fire escape plans and sign boards. We are a manufacturer of fire fighting equipment and provide supply and installation.

Fire Sprinkler System

Installation of a fire sprinkler system is a most necessary step for fire safety which protects both residential and commercial properties from any fire accidents. The installation of fire sprinkler system requires proper planning, design, and implementation. Our fire sprinkler system is ready to effectively respond in the any event of a fire emergency.

Fire Alarm System

A Fire Alarm System is a group of fire detectors that are connected to a control panel. The Fire Alarm system is used for fire accident indication. Fire alarm system consists of types of equipment which are smoke detectors, heat detectors, alarm bells, control panels, and emergency lights. A Fire alarm system can also be get connected to an existing fire fighting system which makes fire fighting system completely automatic.

Fire Hydrant Hose Reel

The Fire Hydrant Hose Reel system is an independent stand-alone fire safety system that is connected to the fire pump system and consists pressurized water flow system. The hose reel, fire hydrant system is designed to allow firefighters and other first responders to extend the hose to the required distance for effective firefighting.

Fire Suppression System

There are various fire suppression systems are available which is designed to suppress fire before they can harm people, property, or the environment.  Sea max fire engineering works is a manufacturer of fire suppression systems and provides an effective fire suppression system which demolishes the fire completly.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is the most common portable fire-fighting equipment that is required in all residential and commercial units. We provide all kinds of maintenance of fire extinguishers in Okhla, Delhi. We provide installation, refilling, servicing and maintenance of various types of fire extinguishers which are ABC, Co2, Clean Agent, Foam, Water, Carbon dioxide, Kitchen Guard and foam trolley fire extinguishers. Fire Extinguishers are small but effective way to control fire.

Service Area In Okhla Delhi

We Provide fire safety services for all types of buildings, factories, shops, manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals, colleges, construction units, server rooms, data centers, ngo, electrical panels, hotels, restaurants, commercial units and homes. In Okhla, Delhi we have a list of service areas which are Okhla Industrial Estate Phase I, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase II, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase III, Extension of Okhla, Industrial Estate, Kalkaji, Zakir Nagar, Batla House, Jogabai, Jogabai Extension, Okhla Head, Jamia Nagar, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla Vihar, Johri Farm, Noor Nagar, Gaffar Manzil, East of Kailash, New Friends Colony, Nehru Place, Kalkaji, Abul Fazal Enclave, Sukhdev Vihar, Greater Kailash, Govindpuri, Sriniwaspuri, Tuglaqabad, Sarita Vihar, Jasola, Jaitpur, Madanpur, Badarpur, Zakir Nagar, Okhla Vihar, Ishwar Nagar and Harkesh Nagar.