moradabad fire fighting system

Fire Protection System Contractor In Moradabad

We are a Fire Protection System Contractor In Moradabad, in which we provide complete installation of fire fighting system in Moradabad. Our fire protection system provides outstanding performance to control fires. Our fire extinguisher is one of the most selling fire extinguishers in Moradabad, also provides refilling of fire cylinders of ABC, cO2, clean agent, foam, modular and many other fire extinguishers.

Our fire fighting system in Moradabad consists of different fire safety systems which are sprinkler, alarm, suppression, detection, hydrant, hose and fire extinguishing system.

Sea max fire is a manufacturer of fire fighting equipment that is used to extinguish the fire. In our fire fighting equipment, we are a manufacturer of the fire door, fire extinguishers, fire safety signages, hose reels, fire bucket stand. We assure quality, service and price of fire safety products.