Fire extinguisher refilling in Azadpur industrial area

A Fire is a most hazardous thing which will destroy lives and goods. The Fire can be controlled through different fire fighting equipment. A fire extinguisher is a primary unit of fire fighting equipment that controls all types of fire. Sea Max Fire Engineering Works manufactures fire extinguishers and provides installation service of fire extinguishers in Azadpur.

We Provide Fire extinguisher refilling service at Azadpur at the best price. Sea max fire also provides fire fighting equipment installation services in Azadpur such as a fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system, fire hydrant system, fire hose system, fire extinguishing system, and much more fire fighting systems.

Fire extinguishers are of various types which are used to control fire which are ABC fire extinguishers, co2, fire extinguishers, clean agent fire extinguishers and automatic modular fire extinguishers.

fire extinguisher in Azadpur industrial area