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SEA MAX FIRE ENGINEERING WORKS is most trusted service provider of all types of fire fighting system – protection system.  Fire is consider as one of nature’s most harmful components. But at present’s fireproof cupboards alongside along with your cautious planning can preserve your own home or enterprise protect, even whether it is burns to the bottom. Reconstruction will not be simple, however will probably be attainable once you use the proper instruments. We are the leader of fire fighting system contractor across all over INDIA. Provides the best Fire suppression system  which includes alarm system, sprinkler system and many more system in uttar pradesh. 















AMC OF Fire Fighting System




Automated fire suppression system which embrace gaseous suppression system, fire sprinkler system and condensed aerosol suppression techniques. The fire suppression activates by mechanical or electoral means as the fire suppression may be very delicate. Mechanical detection includes using hyperlinks or thermos bulbs whereas {the electrical} detection helps the fire suppression in detecting excessive temperature of which activates.

The system works with fire alarm, fire detectors which actually assist to provide an built-in method to fire administration approaches.

All of those systems are completely different and use completely different agents to place out a fire and people are; water, gases and different chemical substances. The system use will rely on the character of the enterprise. Below is a break down of essentially the most generally use as fire suppression system.


clean agent fire suppression gaseous techniques that may suppress a fire sooner than utilizing the fire sprinkler system techniques. Identify the areas of the fire protection system, particular partitions in place to maintain a fireplace from spreading via the entire construction. Clean agent fire suppression system which comes on earlier than water is sprays throughout your electrical gear.


Water This is among the mostly use as fire suppression methods as water causes no hurt to people or animals. The commonest suppression system that makes use of water is the sprinkler methods, that are nice for public areas as they’re able to cowl massive areas.


Dry chemical substances These are the most recent methods inside the business and work by releasing a mist or fog that suffocates the fire. The chemical substances use are non-toxic to allow them to  use within the presence of individuals. They are very simple to wash up which is a bonus for the corporate as this implies much less downtime.


HFC-227 extinguishes by removing heat from the fireplace. The gas is store in pressurize cylinders and is deliveres by way of a community of pipes and nozzles all through the info fire.

Is discharge, HFC-227 disperse by opening doorways and ventilating the info fire for a couple of minutes. This signifies that the info fire can proceed to function, notably if the fire was minor or if the suppression system is activate as a precaution.


In the case {of electrical} fires, the automated CO2 techniques spray CO2 fuel into the rooms. Smoke within the buildings attributable to smoke is divert utilize of smoke followers and exhausts. Wet sprinklers are additionally put in in buildings that sense smoke and sprinkle water. Various kinds of warmth and smoke detectors are additionally put in in buildings to detect Fire.


kitchen fire suppression objective, be it for a restaurant or residence kitchen wants. Let us focus on few advantages of such a system:

This system is efficient in coping with Class A or B or C or D or F fires i.e. fires brought on by flammable gases or inflammable liquids like grease,oils or flamable supplies like paper or by flamable metals like sodium and naturally by cooking oil or fat.


Sea max fire engineering works provides quick response system. It is a fire protection system. Tube based fire suppression system is used to detect fire. Extinguishing of through the bursting of tube in extinguishing agent is used to suppress of fire.


These fire protection system can be used to extinguish the flames caused due to the burning of wood, paper and other solids. It can also be used to extinguish the blaze caused due to oil and petrol. However, it can seldom be used to smother the flames caused due to short circuit.


It could be successfully utilized in giant scale environments resembling factories, airports oil or fuel services and in industrial excessive rises. Its key elements chemical substances resembling CO2, FM200, Inergen and FE-13; it really works with out the addition of water and doesn’t depart behind any residue or oily movie as soon as it has been deployed. Because it doesn’t use water as a part of the method, it is a perfect alternative for services the place computer systems, printers, and different digital gear is in use (in any case, water would trigger almost as a lot injury as fire would for these things!) in addition to locations resembling museums and galleries.

Aerosol Suppression systems

Aerosol Suppression programs include a in-built fire or smoke detection system too, which routinely releases the system’s mechanisms to carry out fire extinguishing quickly to permit minimal harm to life and property. This system can be utilized in each Total Flooding and Local Fire Protection system functions, and are additionally appropriate for particular hazards

Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression programs are authorise by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in addition to the National Fire Protection system as secure and acceptable strategies of fireside suppression. They have now turn out to be important to industries in addition to residential areas to assist detect fires, management harm and loss to tools and human lives.



Fire fighting system in uttar pradesh to halt the spread of fires which can trigger destruction of property and loss of life. Most of the company workplaces, shopping malls, films theaters and even houses are outfitted with needed equipment to extinguish fires.


Fire pump that sits unused within the pump room for a very long time will begin to deteriorate – the components will settle, the joints and connections will erode, the couplings will develop into misaligned and unintended (or intentional!) tampering can stop your fire pump from kicking on correctly in response to a fireplace. In truth, whether it is left alone too lengthy, you could discover that there’s a major problem along with your pump – an issue that may stop it from beginning instantly when it must and costing you valuable seconds of fire sprinkler system response.


Fire Hydrant System has a hose connected to it to and to supply with a robust movement of water the valve is opened. The fireplace engines even have hoses connected to them that are used for enhancing the water strain with the assistance of a robust pump. A threaded connection can be used to attach a hose which serves as a direct fast connector. A system of fireplace plug shouldn’t be closed or opened too shortly to keep away from water hammer which may hurt the close by equipments and pipes. The water could be very heavy inside a charged hose connection and the excessive water strain may end up in stiffness which is not going to flip tightly whereas pressurized.


Fire Hydrant System in uttar pradesh is put in to offer lively fire safety and additionally it is the supply of water provide which is supplied to the fire fighters to allow extinguish fires quickly in rural, city and suburban areas. Fire hydrant and opens a valve to launch water from the water primary to the hose. Hydrants may be fitted with numerous sorts of valves in order that they are often related to a desired to a water supply.


Sprinkler Alarm System in uttar pradesh is a fire fighting system. The sprinkler alarm system is automatically activated when fire take place. It is a automatic system which is use for suppression of fire . Gives indication of fire through the alarm system. Is a automatic fire fighting system in uttar pradesh which their is no external source is require.



Fire alarms are essential safety gadgets that assist to hunt safety towards fireplace accidents. Fire alarms increase a loud noise as quickly as they detect the smoke. This machine is made up of electro-mechanical metals and helps in case of fireside breakouts.

Fire alarms assist to avoid wasting lives and properties. When these alarms detect fireplace, they provide an alert and it is possible for you to to evacuate the place and may make a secure and various escape.

There are totally different classes of fireside alarm system and are additionally out there with smoke and heat detectors. Fire alarm are categorized in response to their safety measures.

These are completely operated by hand like gong, hand bells and many others. The occupants of the precise place rely on them. When they uncover fireplace they warn others by working this method. This system fulfills the fundamental necessities of locations the place sleeping danger is just not concerned.

This system is put in to guard buildings. The system offers an emergency name to fireside brigade to attenuate the harm attributable to the fire. System is put in all through the constructing.

The addressable fire system has a way more exact working system – every particular person detection system has its personal identification tackle and so when a fire is detected by that system, its precise location will be transmitted to the addressable fire alarm panel so the fire will be situated immediately. This system has such particular info that it may transmit and for that reason it’s changing into a well-liked selection for fire alarm installations.

  • An addressable system will offer you details about particular person detectors within the system. A standard fire alarm system will solely have details about common zones.
  • You can label totally different detectors on an addressable fire alarm system to permit for straightforward identification within the occasion of an emergency. This can permit for smarter operation and the next degree of safety as a result of particular pinpointing doable with this technique.
  • Addressable programs have a pre alarm warning which permits educated personnel to analyze issues earlier than the principle sirens sound. This may give you some treasured moments to name the fire brigade and evacuate the premises.

These alarms are designed to avoid wasting lives. These alarms are put in in each a part of the constructing together with roofs voids and many others. to offer earliest attainable warning. These are additional categorized into L1, L2 and L3 alarms.

L1 Fire Alarm system

These are finest for residential premises and are positioned in all the constructing leaving out minor exceptions.

L2 Fire Alarm system

These are positioned in escape routes or hazards rooms in medium sized premises.

L3 Fire Alarm system

These are positioned for detection of fireside in these areas which can be most susceptible to fireside like kitchens, sleeping locations and many others.

These are the assorted alarm programs that present security and safety to your life. It is essential to put in a fireplace system at your residence and work place to guard the household in an occasion of fireside.



A sprinkler system permits a full scale fire to be managed as quickly as attainable.Each sprinkler works independently to different sprinklers, thus facilitating water provide to the world which is affected. Due to extreme heat, the liquid contained in the bulb expands and in consequence, the glass of the bulb breaks. The colour of the bulb signifies the depth of the fireplace unfold. For occasion, at regular temperature, the bulb obtains a colour of orange or pink. At excessive temperatures of 120 Celsius, the colour of the bulb is blue. At temperatures even increased, say 300 Celsius, it turns black. A Wet fire sprinkler system are automated fire extinguishing techniques.

The Wet pipe systems

Wet fire sprinkler system gushes out water, when the results of a fire spread has been detected, as an illustration smoke or elevated thermal temperature within the environment as in comparison with regular room temperature. Each such sprinkler has a highly-sensitive glass bulb linked to the sprinkler by a steel (As it’s a good conductor). 

Dry pipe systems

A Dry Riser is a pipe work system designed to distribute water to a number of outlet factors across the constructing and on completely different flooring in case of fire. When fireplace brigade comes they merely join their equipment to the inlet which is often at avenue stage. Water is disbursed by a number of outlets to assist battle and stop the unfold of fireplace in a constructing. In a dry riser system the pipe is usually full of pressurised air.

Deluge systems

This system makes use of open pipes. Deluge valves open up and permit water to circulate into all of the sprinklers. It makes use of open pipes related to the water system. Water circulate is fixed in all of the sprinklers.

Pre-action systems

This is a mix of all of the above talked about fire sprinkler system methods. This system is used to guard artefacts or issues of nice worth. There are single interlock pre motion methods that function just like the dry pipe methods. The double interlock methods function just like the deluge methods.

Foam water sprinkler systems

This makes use of foam and water. It is often utilized in gasoline stations and locations coping with extremely flammable items like airports. This system is extra environment friendly than the moist system.

Water spray systems

This is extra standard than the dry pipe system. This fire sprinkler system makes use of water. It is extra widespread in houses and small enterprise premises.

Water mist systems

water mist system offers extraordinarily environment friendly use of water within the fire safety of buildings. Low-Pressure Watermist makes use of as much as 85% much less water than a basic sprinkler system. This stage of effectivity can often solely be achieved utilizing costly, high-pressure extinguishing methods that sometimes work with working pressures within the vary of 40 to 120 Bar. They are many benefits of water mist’s decreased water requirement are probably much less water harm, a smaller pump room in contrast with a conventional sprinkler system, smaller diameter pipes and a discount in building, civil engineering prices, system area necessities and set up time.



Fire Protection System is the One of the most important considerations for individuals contemplating colocation is that of fire safety. With so many servers in a single place producing a lot of heat, fire security is a priority. The very last thing anybody needs is to come back in to examine on their server solely to seek out it has been destroyed in a fire. Fortunately fire security is of the utmost significance in most colocation amenities. In order to avert disaster colocation amenities have the next fire protection system in place:

Active Fire Protection System

These methods make use of fire suppression and fire detection service. Of course, the methods in collocation amenities are designed so that will not hurt your servers ought to they be activated.

Passive Fire Protection System

This is a part of the structural design of the constructing. It makes an attempt to regulate fire by utilizing fire resistant doorways, flooring and partitions (amongst different examples). This can include the fire to a selected a part of the constructing in order that it does not get uncontrolled.



Fire extinguishers work on completely different strategies and methodologies, using moist chemical compounds or dry powder, as fire extinguishing agents. The number of fire extinguishing methods depends upon the placement or function e.g. the system that works for an industrial set up could not suit domestic wants.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

The factor used because the extinguishing agent is the CLEAN AGENT gas which makes the entire system unique and distinctive. It works by emitting gas to place out the fire which doesn’t depart any discernible residue or trigger injury to any electrical tools. very environment-friendly because it doesn’t depart any unfavorable results. This is acceptable towards class A, B and C fires. This system is way more most popular by many services.

Automatic - Modular Fire Extinguisher

The automatic modular extinguisher isn’t any exception. It is designed particularly to serve a sure goal. This fire combating tools is principally a superb different for a sprinkler system and a fire extinguisher if you would like a more practical technique in placing out a small fire within the best method potential. Compared to a fire extinguisher, this may be an uncomplicated approach of stopping a small fire to turning into blazing flames because the extinguisher is operated routinely. This could be put in and positioned in areas the place fires can originate and most certainly erupt.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguisher sorts, this one is right for Class D fires which usually contain burning electrical home equipment. It will also be used on Class B fires however they may not totally kill the fire afterwards.

ABC Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

They are thought-about to be very versatile among the many others. They can work for Class A, Class B, and Class C fires, as they include foam and/or powder which can be ABC. The use of this fire extinguisher ought to entail one to cleansing residue afterwards, as they’ve very corrosive properties.

K Guard Extinguisher

kitchen fire extinguisher to make use of most individuals solely take into consideration the large heavy extinguishers and don’t take into consideration the smaller moveable fire extinguishers that can be utilized in numerous areas. The kitchen is an space of the house the place a number of fires get began, so it would be best to just be sure you have a strategy to put it out aside from operating throughout your property attempting to lug the large heavy one again earlier than your complete home burns down.

Foam Type Extinguisher

This is definitely a model of a water extinguisher, solely made extra environment friendly because it employs the usage of foam. These can be utilized for Class A and Class B fires and would work properly with quelling such incidents. They are usually not for use for Class D fires as they nonetheless make use of the usage of water. However, they’re quite a bit safer than water extinguishers for those who by chance use them on Class D fires.

Water Extinguisher

These are thought-about to be the commonest sort. They are additionally referred to as Air Pressurized Water or APW extinguishers. These are solely appropriate for Class A fires, and should not be used for ones that contain electrical energy. They are usually not for use for Class D fires or some other fires that embody combustible liquid or fuel.


Extinguishers need to be used in line with the kind of fire-induced which embodies Class A, B, C, D and Class Ok. The Class A fire is induced as a result of the burning of extraordinary supplies equivalent to paper, plastic, cardboard. The Class B fire is induced as a result of flammable liquids equivalent to kerosene and gasoline. The Class C fire contains accidents brought on by electrical home equipment, switches, scorching plates and quick circuits.

D Class  fire is brought on by flammable metals equivalent to potassium and sodium, titanium, magnesium and lots of extra. The Class K fire are categorized as kitchen fires.



Fire fighting equipment is an important commodity in each business and residence. Most public buildings are required by regulation to have such equipment of a sure customary in place. This is true even for buildings which are constructed in a flame preventative configuration. They prevent the injury a fire will trigger so will need fire fighting equipment to place out the fire.


There are various kinds of equipment such as extinguishers, alarms, communication devices, monitors, smoke diverts and indicators. Generally there are two types of systems to stop fire accidents primarily fire fighting system and fire safety systems.

Fire Alarm

Fire alarms go off on the slightest detection of warmth or smoke. A loud siren is what often characterizes a fire alarm to provide you with a warning and your loved ones early sufficient to flee to security. Fire systems are meant to guard in opposition to lack of lives and property and although it has been confirmed to be the one best gadget to alert residents or constructing occupants in instances of fire

Fire detectors in essence, the detector is a component of Fire Detection Systems, receiving and processing details about the parameter managed by it (smoke, heat, gentle emission). Acceptance of enter knowledge for a parameter is by sensing aspect (sensor), which in flip converts the values of the parameter into {an electrical} sign.

Fire Rated Door

Fire doors should be located to prevent the spread of fire and smoke to escape routes. Those located on escape routes from buildings must open outward to allow for easy escape. Internal fire doors can open in both directions if necessary for example; those in long corridors can legally open either way. External doors that are for escape can be locked, however the regulations state that they must be easily opened by anybody in an emergency.

Security Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is any device or system that’s designed to alert individuals to the presence of a fire. This could possibly be the acquainted smoke detector that you just discover in most houses in a hallway. These are stand alone gadgets as a result of they’re powered by a battery and once they detect smoke they set off an inner sounder.

Fire safety signs are an essential device to assist folks know what to do within the occasion of a fire. They’re additionally required by legislation to be posted in some places. If you personal a enterprise, or different publicly accessible constructing, you’ll have to offer fireplace security indicators. Signs are required for use the place acceptable to assist people establish attainable escape routes. They additionally assist emergency gear be discovered and assist level out emergency fireplace telephones. These indicators are required below the Heath and Safety

Emergency lighting is extra essential in locations which can be comparatively extra dangerous like factories, mines and rigs the place rigorous work goes on and the place many hazardous supplies are stored. Even on the town and metropolis primarily based residential buildings, lighting for emergency functions could be a nice assist, particularly in areas like stair instances and verandas. Suppose there’s a sudden energy failure, all of the individuals can be making an attempt to make use of the steps to exit the constructing. To keep away from any sort of hurt these lights are extremely helpful.

Smoke Detector

These present an early warning sign. They will detect generated by smoldering or overheated gadgets earlier than they really develop right into a flame.

Response Indicator

Response Indicator is system in which it detect fire and smoke. Provides indication through the indication system. Response indicator is use in fire fighting system and fire protection system.

Heavy Duty Fire Fighting System

Heavy duty fire fighting system merchandise out there within the office is clearly a worthy funding. Providing security merchandise and tools permits house owners to really feel that their companies are protected and safe. And to make sure the soundness and future of companies, it’s essential that house owners and staff are conscious of fireplace security, and of which fire prevention techniques are finest suited to the corporate.

Fire Retardants

A fire retardant utility acts as the perfect fireproofing in your house or workplace. Basically this can be a specifically formulated substance that helps to stop the combustion of the thing on which it’s utilized. It is among the most typical substances utilized by fireplace fighters when they’re confronted with their enemy.

AMC - Annual Maintenance Contract of Fire Fighting System IN UTTAR PRADESH

AMC - Annual Maintenance Contract of Fire Fighting - Protection System

Sea Max Fire Engineering works provides complete annual maintenance contract of all types of fire fighting – fire protection system. Regular fire drills ought to happen in your daycare to make sure that employees are able to reacting ought to an emergency scenario happen. Monthly emergency evacuations i.e. fire drills ought to be deliberate and happen with out warning. The procedures concerned in these evacuations ought to bear in mind how many individuals are on the premises, whether or not or not any of them are disabled or sleeping – sleeping youngsters ought to all the time be given a excessive precedence in an emergency scenario. All individuals ought to be evacuated to a pre-arranged meeting level the place designated employees members ought to guarantee everyone seems to be current and accounted for.

Ongoing workers coaching is an important ingredient of fire prevention, Fire protection system and fire fighting system in order that workers know what to do within the occasion of an emergency and might accomplish that calmly and rapidly. All workers ought to pay attention to the placement of fire exits, fire combating gear, fire safety gear and fire detection services. Training also needs to contain the usage of this gear the place crucial and the process concerned in emergency procedures and evacuation drills. This coaching is undertaken throughout workers induction nevertheless common refreshers ought to happen yearly.

Focus on Other Things and Leave Maintenance to the Pros

By doing regular annual upkeep round your fire protection system, fire fighting system you’ll be able to considerably scale back the price of repairs. Some of the principle issues that must be checked are the Heating methods. In addition, any main home equipment must also be inspect to ensure they’re nonetheless in good working situation, with a view to guarantee they’re operating effectively.

Every constructing is completely different so annual checks and inspections will probably be as effectively. For instance, some properties have a separate outside heating system. When it involves the outside fashions, you’ll want to test and ensure the unit is obvious and free from particles, that the condenser fins usually are not broken ant the each factor is correctly lubricating.

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