Installation of Fire suppression system for battery room

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Fire suppression system for battery room

Sea Max Fire Engineering Works is a leading contractor that provides the installation of fire suppression systems for battery rooms, data centers, server rooms and electrical panels. Installing a fire suppression system will protect the batteries, the equipment, and the people working in the facility from any fire hazard.

Our fire suppression system is designed to target the specific fire hazard for the battery room.  A fire in a battery room can quickly become uncontrollable, leading to damage to property, injury, or loss of life. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable fire suppression system in place to minimize the risk of fires in battery rooms.

Battery room Fire Protection

For Battery room Fire Protection the placement of fire detectors is critical when designing a fire suppression system for a battery room. There are various fire fighting equipment which are Smoke detectors and heat detectors should be placed in strategic locations throughout the room, including the ceiling and the walls. The detectors are linked to the fire suppression system which activates the system when a fire is detected.